The situation in Gaza is severe and the inhumanity of it can no longer be ignored. The German Government must intervene and de-escalate the violence in Gaza and demand a ceasefire immediately. We need to prevent the further loss of innocent civilian life.

Collective Punishment is a War Crime

The Israeli government is collectively punishing the population of Gaza for the actions of Hamas.

Half of Gaza’s 2 million population are children. Within the first week of bombing, over 700 children had already been killed. People in Gaza are trapped inside a fenced area that is the size of Bremen, without food and water. The last operational power plant in Gaza stopped working, which means hospitals can no longer operate despite mounting deaths and injuries.

Collective punishment is a war crime and breaches international humanitarian law. Our government needs to act now. We cannot be complicit.

Humanitarian Crisis

This is about being human, not about politics. We are human. Palestinians are human. No civilized person on Earth would agree that depriving children of food and water is acceptable. We need to stop this. Otherwise, additional thousands will lose their lives.

We must demand a ceasefire, we cannot accept that innocent people and children are getting buried under rubble. We must ensure that basic human needs can be fulfilled again. Water, food, electricity, aid and medical supplies need to be allowed back into Gaza. This is an emergency.

De-escalation, Ceasefire, Humanitarian Assistance

It is absolutely urgent that Chancellor Scholz and the Bundestag demand a de-escalation and call for a ceasefire, and demand humanitarian assistance be allowed into the Gaza Strip. We need to act now. Every hour makes a difference for the lives of the civilians in Gaza.

We took inspiration from Jewish Voices for Peace in the United States. The below is adapted from their original, which can be seen in full here.